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Expert Gynecologic Care For Women

Women have plenty of options when it comes to gynecology in Ogden. But if you are experiencing a painful condition or are considering gynecological surgery, consider Amber Bradshaw-Whitear at Ogden Clinic. Dr. Bradshaw-Whitear is renowned in Ogden and the surrounding areas for her surgical expertise in gynecology.

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Women's Center at Ogden Regional
5495 South 500 East
Suite 310
Ogden, UT

Meet Dr. Bradshaw Whitear
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Dr. Amber Bradshaw-Whitear is a Fellowship-trained robotic surgeon and gynecologist. She treats endometriosis, fibroid tumors, and pelvic organ prolapse. She is also trained in tubal ligation reversal procedures. Dr. Bradshaw-Whitear is deeply committed to delivering personalized, compassionate care, to ensure that each patient has the best outcome possible.

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Aesthetics Services and Elective Procedures

Face Remodeling

InMode's Evoke® face and neck treatments contour and improve skin texture and complexion so you can live your most beautiful life with reduced downtime and no visible scarring.

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Body Contouring

InMode's Evolve® body contouring and remodeling treatments provide full body solutoions without extensive surgery, reduced downtime and no visisble scarring.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation uses non-invasive, and gentle technology that rejuvenates the internal and external vagina.

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Experienced Care, Close to Home

Gynecologic problems can be worrisome and even painful. You might feel like your concerns go unheard or that you have not exhausted all of your options. If you're seeking a gynecologist in Utah who hears you and works alongside you for complete relief, you can trust Dr. Amber Whitear and the Women's Center at Ogden Clinic.

We are a full-service gynecology office providing solutions to common problems as well as intricate surgeries for those who require them. In fact, Dr. Whitear is one of the few gynecological surgeons in Utah to perform over 2000 robotic procedures. She's seen countless unique conditions and helped thousands of women find relief. Trust your gynecological care to the best in Utah.

Amber Bradshaw-Whitear was the first fellowship trained gynecologist in robotic surgery in Utah and is currently the Director of Robotic Surgery at Ogden Regional Medical Center. She uses innovative technology such as minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery to treat women of all ages.

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Dr. Amber Bradshaw-Whitear is a board certified gynecologist at Ogden Clinic in Utah that is committed to providing quality, cutting edge healthcare and robotic surgery, including tubal ligation reversal. This website provides an in-depth look at the expert services she offers and his hosted by Dr. Bradshaw-Whitear. She proudly accepts nearly all insurance plans. Please contact us today to schedule a visit.

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