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Stress Incontinence & Bladder Treatment in Ogden

A woman’s body is very dynamic and changes all throughout her lifetime. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when something is simply normal and when it may be worthy of a doctor’s visit. Two such conditions are stress incontinence and menorrhagia, which affect many women across Utah each year.

About Stress Incontinence

If you are suffering from stress incontinence in Layton, Kaysville, Syracuse, Hooper, Brigham City, Bountiful, or surrounding communities it’s important to understand that it’s relatively common in women, especially those who have recently given birth, had abdominal or pelvic surgery, are severely overweight, or are over the age of 40. Stress incontinence refers to the unintentional loss of urine during certain activities such as sneezing, jumping, coughing, or heavy lifting, which place physical stress on the bladder.

While this condition may be embarrassing, Ogden stress incontinence and bladder treatment is available, and may include pelvic floor exercises, certain lifestyle modifications, medical devices, or surgery, depending on the severity of the condition. Talk to a gynecology specialist in Ogden like Dr. Bradshaw-Whitear about how to treat your level of stress incontinence, and prevent it from recurring.

What is Menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia is the medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding, and it affects a percentage of women each year between adolescence and menopause. While many women experience heavy bleeding each month, it is only considered menorrhagia if the blood loss is so severe that it interferes with your usual activities. If you aren’t sure how much bleeding is too much, be sure to track your periods, and talk to your gynecologist at your next routine appointment about menorrhagia. Just as there are many different causes of menorrhagia, there are also several effective treatment options that depend on your age, hormonal status, fertility status, and any other gynecological health conditions.

For a wide variety of hormonal and surgical gynecology treatments, such as stress incontinence and menorrhagia treatment in in Layton, Kaysville, Syracuse, Hooper, Brigham City, Bountiful, or surrounding communities, contact Dr. Amber Bradshaw-Whitear below to schedule an appointment.

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